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Post-Baccalaureate Programs

The Bailey Graduate School of Education offers post-baccalaureate pathways to becoming a licensed teacher.  These programs can include earning a Master’s or EdS degree.  Students in these programs must have an undergraduate degree, but may or may not have taken any education-related coursework at the undergraduate level.  These programs are all “Job-Embedded” meaning students concurrently teach in a local school as a teacher of record while earning their advanced degree and/or teaching credentials.

field of crops


American Sign
Language Education

messy desk of child artist with bright colors


gold tassel lying on english dictionary

English as an Additional Language Education

middle school student doing math equations on paper with pencil

Middle Grades Math
and Science Education

book opened to page of equations

Secondary (6-12)
Math Education

green frog sitting on a stump

Secondary (6-12)
Science Education

small globe being held in hand

World Languages